‘Untaps the creative energies of young people and excellent value for money’

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Whether in school, at home (or both), the ONE DAY FILM SCHOOL gives pupils a fun, dynamic group activity to light up their learning. Guided by video sessions and practical exercises, pupils work collaboratively (remotely or in person) to create short films for sharing. And it doesn’t have to be done in a day. It works well over 4 x 2 or 8 x 1 hours. It's also a great weekend activity for boarders.
Pupils won’t be staring passively at a screen all day. They’ll be on their feet at least half the time - throwing punches, creating sound effects, learning camera techniques, planning and shooting their films… testing their communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills.
Schools across the country are creating their own online film festivals, with judging, nominees…. even Oscars! At a challenging time, it gives pupils a communal experience and great memories. Staff involvement can be minimal - the day runs itself. With 12 months access, pupils can develop their filmmaking skills throughout the year.



    From the early days of film to the latest in special effects


    Learn how to make your own Indiana Jones-style fight scenes… and make your own punch sound effect


    Use your smartphone or tablet like a pro, and tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes


    Discover the 3 key things every good script needs: how to tell a great story, create memorable characters… and make us care


    Make your own two minute short film with professional guidance


    Pop the popcorn, crack the champagne, sit back and enjoy your very own world premiere



“I would recommend the day to any school looking for a fun activity for their pupils”


“It was an experience of the best kind; the kind you always remember. We are now looking forward to our very own Oscars ceremony! This was remote learning at its best”


“Our pupils loved the One Day Film School. The collaboration element was particularly excellent, and we were pleased to offer a day that was at least 50% practical and hands on”


"Anything which untaps the creative energies of young people is a good thing – the One Day Film School most certainly does this and represents excellent value for money"


  • What is the One Day Film School?

    It’s an online course for young filmmakers (aged 8+) who want to make a short film, in school or at home. Students are guided by video sessions and practical exercises to create a two-minute silent film (with music) which can be shared, uploaded and enjoyed.

  • What are the minimum technical requirements?

    A computer or device with internet connection, also smartphone or tablet with iMovie (iPhone) or PowerDirector (Android) for filming and editing.

  • What do I need to do beforehand?

    Contact odfs@youngfilmacademy.co.uk for a quote. Next, supply school email addresses for students taking part so they can be registered. Organise them into groups (5, approx) for the practical exercises, whether at home or school. Once booked, you’ll receive the Teacher’s Survival Guide with all info.

  • How does it work for students at home?

    Within each group, students decide who’s filming what - and use a common object (eg apple) to link each shot. They then share clips and each have a go editing their film, then decide whose version they like best.

  • How does it work for students in school?

    Students should watch the video sessions together then divide into groups for the practical exercises. Films can be premiered at the end of the day, with judging and prizes.

  • Is it disruptive?

    For practical exercises, students need the ability to move around and film. Agree where (eg ‘garden only’ in advance). There’s no pressure to buy or do anything special, however you may wish to buy a melon for creating the punch sound for FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY, although any fruit will work… or meat… or a wet cloth.

  • Is the content appropriate for young children?

    The course is rated PG (Parental Guidance). If you’re unsure, we recommend reviewing beforehand. The shark scene from Jaws (FILM HISTORY UNIT 5 - BLOCKBUSTERS) may be distressing for very young viewers and can be skipped.

  • How involved do I need to be?

    The course is self-guiding, however there are in-video alerts where adult supervision may be required for practical exercises. All info is contained in the Teacher’s Survival Guide.

  • Does it have to be done in one day or can it be spread out?

    It can be done in a day or over a week - or months! Access is for 12 months, so multiple films can be created.

  • What do I do with the finished films?

    We encourage schools to create online film festivals, so students’ films can be enjoyed by the whole school community, with judging and prizes.

  • What can go wrong?

    Make sure students have received the confirmation email and are able to log in, that they have functioning smartphones with edit software (iMovie or PowerDirector) installed, and enough free storage. A traditional video camera can be used for filming, though will require a computer for editing.



The One Day Film School is created by Young Film Academy (YFA), the UK’s leading provider of filmmaking courses for 8-18 year olds. Each year, YFA helps over 7500 young people make their first digital films.

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